• Friday, August 08th, 2014

Slow cooker is a kitchen appliance that can be used in cooking different recipes especially for the winter seasons. Well, not only during the winter but you can also create different recipes using the slow cooker all year long.

If you don’t have a slow cooker yet, shame on you :) You can start by looking at a few slow cooker ratings here.

Take into account; slow cookers are not just used in cooking soups or casseroles since you can also cook roasts and other meat dishes that are quite hard to cook because it may take you some time before the meat is tendered. Well, slow cooker is the right kitchen appliance for the meat dish you want to cook.

Slow cookers are ideal for hard meats. This means that the type of meats that can be hard to cook. Tough meats are type of meats from a part of a beef, goat, lamb or pork. So when using a slow cooker, the meat will tenderize for long hours since the slow cooker has a low heat temperature that can tenderize meats without compromising its full flavor.

Remember, you can also cook vegetables using a slow cooker. You can combine vegetables on your meat dishes. This way, your recipe will be more flavorful and your visitors will surely love what you have cooked for them.

Besides cooking soup or casserole dishes, you can also roast chicken or pork using the slow cooker. Since the slow cooker has a low heat when switched on, it will turn out like an oven and the chicken you would roast would be crispy outside and yet cooked and tender in the inside.

Now depending on the dish you are cooking, there is a certain amount of time regarding how long you would cook your dish. For chopped pieces of meat it would take you around 45-60 minutes of cooking but for bigger chunks of meat it will take longer time.

For soup dishes, the cooking time will again depend on the type of dish you would cook. If there are meat ingredients then it would take more time but if the soup is all vegetables then it would take less time.

Always remember, there are so many slow cooker recipes you can always do with the slow cooker. The kitchen appliance can provide flavorful and tender dishes since the heat or steam will just circle around the slow cooker and therefore locking the spices on the meat. So cook your best dishes now using the slow cooker and be praised with your delicious dishes.

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